A picture of a lady runner breaking finish line tape

Top 10 Running Resolutions of 2015

John Coyle, Runners On The Go

New years resolutions involving fitness are some of the most common new years resolutions. What about people who are already fit though? What types of resolutions do runners make? Runner’s World Polled Their Facebook fans and got about 700 responses.

Here is what they found, are any of your resolutions on this list? How are you doing so far?:

1. Run for 30 minutes straight

2. Run my first marathon

3. Increase my weekly mileage

4. Learn to love (and enjoy!) running

5. Finish a half marathon

6. Stay injury-free

7. Eat a healthier diet

8. Return to running

9. Keep training consistent

10. Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Read the full article here: http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/readers-top-10-running-resolutions-for-2015


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