Saving $$ when trying to prevent or cure running injuries

Want to save money when trying to prevent or cure running injuries? is partnering with a variety of clinics including chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. The clinics offer significant discounts to members of and they love to treat endurance athletes. Most are in Utah, although you will find a few outside of Utah including the San Diego Running Institute, who even offers a Computerized Gait Analysis to analyze your running form and see where you might be going wrong.

Find them here:

Clinics in Utah that offer discounts include:

-Experience the Difference Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage in Provo.
They offer $15 off all services; you can find that discount here:

-Canyon View Chiropractic Wellness in Salt Lake.
They offer 20% off all services for RunnersOnTheGo Members. Find the discount here:

The greatest discount of all could be
-VAST Chiropractic, Inc in Salt Lake.
They offer 50% off all services to RunnersOnTheGo Members all year long.

However, in July VAST Chiropractic is offering exclusive deals to ROTG Members. They include:
– 60-Minute Massage ($47) 
– 60-Minute Massage + Initial Chiropractic Exam & Adjustment ($69)
– 60-Minute Massage + Initial Chiropractic Exam & Adjustment + ART ($89)


-60-minute massage, chiropractic adjustment, 20-ART session, and NormaTec Compression Treatment. Just $69. More than 50% off regular price. Appointment must be scheduled before July 31st.

Find those discounts here:

All you have to do to take advantage of those discounts is become a Member of by purchasing the Member Card. Then show your card at the time of purchase and you will receive the discount.
The card will not only give you discounts to these places but to many more races, running stores, and more. You can purchase the card for just $20 and often make up your money in one single use.
If you would like to search out the type of discounts that you will get with the card first, you can find them at this link:
(Click the tabs at the top of the page to organize the list.)
Not sure if you want to purchase the card…sign up for our email newsletter to see what types of discounts we offer. You can sign up for the newsletter on the Home Page. You will receive info about exclusive deals being offered to Cardholders as well as interesting running reviews.

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