Tips and Stories for Runners with bathroom issues

If you have bathroom issues, we have some great stories and tips for you. Runners On The Go Running Correspondent, Mike Reynolds shares some of his best bathroom stories from various races as well as a fantastic tip to get you through the bathroom more quickly at your next race.

Now do not get the idea that I think getting to a bathroom in a timely fashion is left to fate. After all these years I do have a bathroom strategy and I will share it with you just this once. Then it is everybody for themselves. My tip for runners using the bathroom:

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2015 USA XC Championships Race Review

Generally speaking, this is a somewhat out of the ordinary race review. However, due to a lack of road races during these colder months, and in light of the recent Disney film McFarland, I have decided to review the 2015 USA Cross Country Championships which took place on Saturday February 7th.

Read our race review of the 2015 USA Cross Country Championships.

Long Run Hydration Best Practices

2015 is well underway, and we, at Runners On The Go, are guessing that some of you had a new years resolution to run your first Marathon. However, longer runs means more variables; More things to consider. What to wear, what eat,  what and when to drink.

Long Run Hydration is one of the most common topics of interest that running customers have. Many people wonder how much they should hydrate, when they should hydrate, and what they should hydrate with on the long run.

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Bodyweight Essential : The Plank


The pull-up & push-up exercises are without question two of the premiere movements in fitness. They remain a staple in building lean muscle and strengthening the upper body. Although not definite but if a third exercise were to follow the aforementioned movements, it’ll be the plank. Arguably the most universally preferred choice for developing the core and abdominals, the plank has been around for years and is as ancient as the squat. Planking requires virtually no equipment and can literally be performed anywhere thus making it a favorite for working the abs amongst many fineness enthusiasts.

The simplest way to get into a plank position is by first getting into a push-up position. From there, bend your elbows to 90-degrees and ensure that your shoulders are directly above your elbows. With your weight resting on your forearms and your legs fully extended, the exercise commences by holding that position for…

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How Many Miles a Week Should I Run?

How to determine the number of weekly miles you need to run to run a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon.


July 24, 2007


July 22, 2014

I once asked a colleague who has coached many runners to collegiate and Olympic glory what he considered the proper mileage totals to succeed in distances from the 5K to the marathon. “That’s easy,” he said. “You want to run as few miles as you can and still win.”

Runners too often get caught in the mileage trap, thinking more is better. The truth is, more mileage is better only up to the point where you can achieve your potential. After that, each additional mile only increases your injury risk. The following six rules informed the mileage ranges below and can help you find your magic number.

Rule 1:

The longer the race, the higher the mileage. . .


Dublin Marathon Race Review

Dublin is one of the places Jenn has always wanted to visit. To make the experience even more

memorable, she registered for the October, 2014 Dublin Marathon. She

planned ahead to take her mother and spend some time after the race to really get to know Ireland.

The Dublin Marathon’s reputation for excellent support from a very friendly staff and outstanding

spectator participation along the course were also factors that prompted Jenn to decide to run the race.

She was not disappointed. The streets were lined with supporters cheering from start to finish. There

were lots of aid stations along the course. And, there were lots of porta-potties that surprisingly had

flush toilets!

Race Travel Planning to Ireland

Helpful to anyone planning a European marathon is Jenn’s schedule prior to the race. Flights from the

US east coast usually leave in the evening and land the next morning. Jenn arrived in Ireland on Friday

morning for her race on Monday—it was a bank holiday—one difference from races in the US.

Pre Race Preparation in Dublin

Before the marathon, Jenn didn’t do any running to save her legs. To keep from getting stale, she did do a

reasonable amount of walking. She picked up her race packet and enjoyed the Expo on Sunday and took

it easy most of the day.

Dublin Marathon Race Course

Monday was a perfect day for a marathon—high in the 50’s and low 60’s (10 to 20 Celsius). The skies

were overcast but no rain. The course is relatively flat and point to point. It starts in the middle of the

city at Fitzwilliam Square and finishes several blocks away at Merrion Square. There are no shortage of

green areas in Dublin and the marathon makes the most of them.

The course takes runners for about a mile along the River Liffey, crossing over to Phoenix Park, a

beautiful park almost 3 square miles in size and one of largest walled parks in Europe. From miles 3.5 to

6, runners traverse the north side of the park and from 8 to 9.5 run along the south side. From Phoenix,

the course takes runners through residential areas, then through Bushy Park to the perimeter of

University College and back downtown to Merrion Square. Jenn really enjoyed the course and seeing all

the sights.

Finish Line

At the finish line, there was plenty of food and continuation of the friendly atmosphere that

characterizes the Dublin Marathon. The local pubs are crowded with runners after the race, and the

celebration continues all afternoon and into the evening.

Points of Interest in Ireland

After finishing the marathon, Jenn started the second part of her trip—to see more of the country and

some of the points of interest she had heard about. As a true traveler, she didn’t hesitate to rent a car

and take her chances driving on the left side of the road. She drove with her mom all over the west and

south, making a stop in Galway, Dingle, and Waterford to see the Waterford Crystal factory. They particularly enjoyed the

Dingle Peninsula, and traveling along the water. Like any good runner, Jenn is interested

in food and found the pub food was better than she expected. That made the trip a real success.

What’s in the future for Jenn? It will be a busy year. Her favorite “hometown” race is the La Jolla Half

Marathon, which is held in April, and she plans to run that race again. Her travel/racing plans include

Rock-n-Roll Half Marathons in Washington, DC in March, Chicago in July and Vancouver in October.

We hope to catch up with Jenn during the year for more race reports from the road.

A picture of Jenn, the author of this articleJenn is an avid distance runner and traveler from the San Diego area. She enjoys racing and running on

her own when she visits different destinations. Overseas, she has run the Rome Marathon the Dublin

Marathon, and locally she tries to run the La Jolla Half-Marathon every year. Recently I had a chance to

catch up with her and talk about Dublin and some of the races she plans for the upcoming year.